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Tomorrow begins another diet, this time my friend in Connecticut is joining me. She has the bigger advantage in this because of location, the people she lives with, and the support she’ll receive from them as well.

Hoping to drop down another 30 pounds, which would put me to a weight I haven’t been since I was in middle school, which is nice, yet extremely depressing. This task will be very hard for me, because I’m back living at my mothers house again. Things happen, and it’s only temporary. The hard thing about doing this diet and living back home is the mockery that happens when dieting in my family. My uncle, who lives with my mom and his 15 year old daughter, likes to call me names and negatively comment on my food choices. Yeah, it shouldn’t get to me, but I’m human, so it tears me down after awhile. Also, the fact that my uncle decides he is going to try and make me feel bad for not eating meat is pretty pathetic. He’s actually put things in food he’s made and said he made me a non meat plate. Pretty neat.

Anyways, I got a new bike that I love riding, it’s also perfect out for late night rides and hiking that I really need to in to.

At the moment, I have dropped 2 dress sizes, 3 if I wanted to be “that girl” and squeeze, but I don’t I want to be comfortable. Still have no idea how I dropped so much weight on tour, I figured I was going to gain a lot, but there was a lot of lifting and walking involved. Maybe I need to act like I’m doing merch from now on at home. ha Fuck that. I do need to get up early and start making meals for the day/week. 

Becoming more comfortable with how I look is easier, because of the weight loss of course. I just notice an amazing attitude change, so I accept it feel good about how I feel and continue to go on with my business. 

Well, that’s about it, I guess. Also, another thing to help each other is we will be sending each other our weight and measurements. I’m nervous about that one.

  1. 666percentpureblackmetal said: good job.
  2. vbzombieguy77 said: If you eat 2 tablespoons of unshelled sunflower seeds a day, for a week, you will lose an inch off of your waist. I did it and it actually worked.
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