Posted on August 9, 2012 with 3 notes.

Why is it that I get terrible social anxiety just stepping foot in a bar? The first question that always comes to mind is usually: “Why am I here?” It’s just all downhill from there.

I shut down mentally. I almost cannot control what I do or say. It’s always something snarky or some shit comment that makes others uncomfortable, then that usually sets the tone for the night with me around.

I’m not a fan of drinking. Plus if I add alcohol to the mix, it’s usually WAY worse. Then I just become more blunt than I usually am.

And that’s what we call flying in to the danger zone.

God, I suck.

  1. 666percentpureblackmetal said: don’t dwell on shit. and accept people for how stupid they can be. being judgmental is very immature.
  2. xchasemaccini said: if it makes you feel any better… I start to lose my mind in larger crowds unless it’s a show. I start feeling like I can’t feel myself breathe.
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